Pan Arab President’s Message

The Pan Arab Rhinology Society (PARS) is celebrating its 8th annual meeting in Kuwait this year. The conference is arranged in collaboration with the Kuwaiti Oto-rhino-laryngology society and in conjunction with the 40th Kuwaiti Otolaryngology Conference and the 4th Otology & Cochlear Implant Symposium.

The PARS was established in the year 2009 in Cairo, Egypt by the most active and prominent Arab Rhinologists. The 1st PARS conference was held in Cairo in 2010, the 2nd was in Dubai, the 3rd in Oman, the 4th in Lebanon and the 5th in Dubai in conjunction with the ISIAN and IRS. The 6th was in KSA and the 7th was in Bahrain.

The PARS has become internationally renowned and well represented during the most prestigious Rhinology conferences.

The mission of the PARS is to promote CME & research in the field of Rhinology in the Arab Countries especially amongst young doctors, establish strong scientific activities with other regional & international societies [ERS – IRS - ISIAN] and build a strong taskforce to serve the Arab communities.

The Pan Arab Journal of Rhinology (PAJR) is the official journal of the PARS and is receiving increasing interest amongst researchers from all over the world. It is a biannual Journal supporting especially young doctors of the PARS.

Today, we invite you to the 9th PARS conference in Cairo, Egypt, March 8-10, 2018, where, there will be pre and post congress basic and advanced ESS and skull base hands-on cadaver dissection in addition to rhinoplasty, snoring and OSA and maxillofacial cadaver dissection courses.

Best regards and wishes

Prof. Reda Kamel
President of Pan Arab Rhinology Society (PARS)
President of Egyptian Rhinology Society (ERS)
Professor of Rhinology
Cairo University - Egypt