Scientific Program

Day One - 23rd Nov 2017

Day 1, Thursday - 23rd November 2017

07:00 AM
Registration & Breakfast
Rhinology Session
08:00 AM
President | Conference Chairman | Track ChairWelcome and Program Notes
FUNDAMENTAL SURGICAL CONCEPTSModerators : Dr. Khaled Al Sobeih, Dr. Hussain Jasser Al Shammari, Dr. Hussain AbdulRahman Al Rand
08:05 AM
Dr. Jin Keat SiowEndoscopic anatomy of the sinonasal cavity
08:25 AM
Dr. Amin JaverWhat is appropriate medical treatment for CRS? When to operate?
08:45 AM
Dr. Usama El HadiComplications of FESS
09:05 AM
Prof. Heinz StammbergerBasic surgical steps : "The Lamella - Principle"
09:35 AM
Dr. Saad AbdulRazzak M. AlsalehUnusual Complications of sinonasal surgery: a case series
09:55 AM
Prof. Heinz StammbergerKeynote Presentation: Development of FESS
10:50 AM

Opening Ceremony

10:50 AM
Coffee Break
UNDERSTANDING AIRWAY INFLAMMATIONModerators : Dr. K. Abdulhadi, Dr. Abdulmohsen Al Terki, Dr. Mohamed Zahran
11:40 AM
Dr. Amin JaverAsthma and Sinusitis: The United Airways
12:00 PM
Dr. Talal A. AlandejaniInferior turbinate hypertrophy: debates on pathophysiology and treatment
12:20 PM

Panel Discussion

Moderator : Dr. Samer FakhriRole of microbes in CRS, to treat or not to treat?
Panelists : Dr. Reda Kamel, Dr. Amin Javer, Dr. Mohammad Hassab, Dr. Heinz Stammberger
01:05 PM
Coffee Break
FAILED FESS, WHY AND HOW TO OPTIMIZE OUTCOMEModerator : Dr. Humoud AlNomas, Dr. Imtiaz M. Qazi, Dr. Ali Ibrahim Al Amri
01:15 PM
Dr. Samer FakhriCauses of failure in endoscopic sinus surgery
01:35 PM
Dr. Jin Keat SiowTwo Important Practical Topics - Preventing A Bloody Surgical Field and An Interim Solution for Post-Surgical CRS patients
01:55 PM
Dr. Islam R. HerzallahPostoperative care
01:55 PM
Dr. Amin JaverEmerging Therapies in the management of Chronic Sinusitis
02:35 PM

Panel Discussion

Moderator : Dr. Mohammad HassabSurgical management of postoperative CRS cases
Panelists : Dr. Samer Fakhri, Dr. Reda Kamel, Dr. Heinz Stammberger
02:55 PM
Lunch Break
Special TopicsModerator : Dr. Bashaer Abdullah, Dr. Amro Sobeih, Dr. Usama El Hadi
03:30 PM
Dr. Mohammad HassabSilent sinus syndrome: Diagnosis & Management
03:50 PM
Dr. Jin Keat SiowDCR for the Endoscopic Sinus Surgeon
04:10 PM
Dr. Saad AbdulRazzak M. AlsalehExtended Endoscopic Endonasal Skull Base Surgery in the Middle East: A New Frontier
04:30 PM

Panel Discussion

Moderator : Reda KamelInvasive fungal sinusitis
Panelists : Dr. Sharfi Abdelgadir Omer Ahmed, Dr. Islam Herzallah, Dr. Amin Javer (10 minutes each)
05:10 PM
End of 1st Day Session

Day Two - 24th Nov 2017

Day 2, Friday - 24th November 2017

07:30 AM
FRONTAL SINUS SURGERYModerators : Dr. Fuad AlQattan, Dr.Mutlaq AlSihan, Dr. Abdulmohsen Jaffer, Dr. Mohammad Aloulah
08:00 AM
Dr. Jin Keat SiowFrontal Sinus - Anatomical Classification and Predictors of Successful Drainage
08:15 AM
Prof. Heinz StammbergerThe Art of Endoscopy : Through Frontal Recess to Frontal Sinus
08:45 AM
Dr. Mohamed Hamed Abdelsalam AskarEndoscopic Extended Median Frontal Sinus Surgery Procedures
09:05 AM
Dr. Zeina KorbanWhat to Expect after a Frontal Drill out in Chronic Sinusitis patients
ADVANCED SURGICAL TECHNIQUES: SKULL BASE AND TUMORSModerators : Dr. Abdel Moamen Hasan Al Shaikh, Dr. Tammam Abou Ali, Dr. Mishal Al Mutairi, Dr. Hassan Al Shemmari
09:30 AM
Dr. Reda KamelOrigin oriented management of Inverted Papilloma
09:50 AM
Dr. Jin Keat SiowIntroduction to Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery - Pituitary and Olfactory Neuroblastoma
10:10 AM
Dr. Reda KamelRoadmap of trajectories of endoscopic anterior skull base surgery
10:30 AM
Dr. Zeina KorbanTips and Pearls in the Endoscopic Approach to the Clivus and Petrous Apex
10:50 AM
Dr. Samer FakhriSinonasal and Skull Base Tumor Management in the Era of Precision Medicine
11:10 AM

Panel Discussion

Dr. Usama El HadiPanel Discussion of interesting sinonasal and skull base tumors
Panelists : Dr. Samer Fakhri, Dr. Mohammad Hassab, Dr. Siow Jin Keat, Dr. Reda Kamel
11:30 AM
Friday Prayer / Coffee Break
INNOVATION AND RESEARCH IN RHINOLOGYModerators : Dr. Ammar Sadeqi, Dr. Hamoud Alarouj, Dr. Brook Assefa
12:00 PM
Dr. Amin JaverHow to carry out research in a busy clinical practice
12:15 PM
Dr. Ali MomenPediatric FESS and Skull base surgery
12:30 PM
Dr. Talal A. AlandejaniAdvances in Surgical Rhinology
12:45 PM
Dr. Hiba Al-reefyRhinology Practice, Research and Training in GCC
01:00 PM
Dr. Zeina KorbanChallenges in Meaningful access to advanced Rhinology Training
UNUSUAL AND INTERESTING CASESModerators : Dr. Saad AbdulRazzak M. Alsaleh, Dr. Fahad Alassousi, Dr. Yaseen Al Yaseen
01:15 PM
Dr. Mohamed Farouk Helal, M.D.Allergic fungal sinusitis and eosinophilic mucin rhinosinusitis
01:30 PM
Dr. Sharfi Abdelgadir Omer AhmedRare case of primary Sinonasal meningioma
01:45 PM
Prof. Ahmed Al FaroukUpdates in the management of chronic rhinosinusitis
02:00 PM
Lunch Break
---Moderators: Dr. KhairyAl Abu Shara, Dr. Zakaria Elraes Mansour Soliman, Dr. Hossam Elsherif
03:00 PM
Dr. Ayman Moustafa Sayed MadaniFailed FESS : whom to blame ?
03:15 PM
Dr. Ashraf Mahmoud Khaled Khaled RiadEndoscopic resection of gaint ethmoid orbital osteoma: Is it possible?
03:30 PM
Dr. Elsharawy Kamal Mohamed MoussaMidline nasofrontal dermoid in children: A review of 29 cases managed at Mansoura University Hospitas
03:45 PM
Dr. Mohamed Elsayed(FESS) with septorhinoplasty
04:00 PM
Dr. Brook AssefaSeptoplasty in Children Al Jahra Experience
04:15 PM
Dr. Khaled Mohammed Amhemed BofaresRole of gel-films application versus middle meatal packing in maintenance of middle meatus patency after endoscopic middle meatal surgery
04:30 PM
Dr. Hossama ElSherifMucoceles of Paranasal Sinuses
04:45 PM
End of 2nd Day Session

Day Three - 25th Nov 2017

Day 3, Saturday - 25th November 2017

07:30 AM
MORNING SESSIONModerators : Dr. Hussain Jasser Al Shammari, Dr. Mutlaq AlSihan, Dr. KhairyAl Abu Shara
08:00 AM
Dr. Levent SennarogluRadiology of the temporal bone: 1 hour instructional course
09:00 AM
Prof. Hassan WahbaFive landmarks for an ideal posterior tympanotomy
09:20 AM
Dr. Levent SennarogluPerilymphatic and CSF fistulas in the temporal bone
09:50 AM
Prof. Abdulrahman HagrInspiring Cochlear Implant patients
10:05 AM
Dr. Levent SennarogluOssiculoplasty
10:30 AM
Coffee Break
SPECIAL TECHNIQUESModerators : Dr. Ali Safar, Dr. Imtiaz, M. Qazi, Dr. Faisal Alobaid
11:00 AM
Prof. Abdulrahman HagrMinimalism in Cochlear Implant
11:15 AM
Prof. Dr. Wolf Dieter BaumgartnerMRI safety in Cochlear Implants
11:30 AM
Prof. Hassan WahbaCochlear implantation in congenital inner ear malformations
11:45 AM
Prof. Dan JiangChallenges in cochlear implant assessment and candidacy for children with partial hearing
12:05 PM
Dr. Levent SennarogluManagement of Cochlear Nerve Deficiency
12:35 PM
Coffee Break
12:45 PM
Prof. Dr. Wolf Dieter Baumgartner First results of ADHEAR Bone Conduction System
01:05 PM
Prof. Abdulrahman Hagr Cochlear Implants under Local Anesthesia
01:25 PM
Prof. Dr. Wolf Dieter Baumgartner Bone Bridge Implantation: Dural Impression versus "In Temporal Bone" Position
01:45 PM
Prof. Hassan Wahba Cochlear implantation in the obliterated cochlea
02:15 PM

Panel Discussion

Prof. Abdulrahman Hagr Challenging Cochlear Implant cases
Panelists : Dr. Levent Sennaroglu, Dr. Hassan Wahba, Dr. Baumgartner, Dr. Ammar Al Lawati, Dr. A. Al Qahtani
03:15 PM
Moderators : Dr. Tammam Abou Ali, Dr. Bashaer Abdullah, Dr. Amro Sobeih
04:15 PM
Dr. Abdel Moamen Hasan Al Shaikh Out come of Auditory Neuropathy and Cochlear Implantation
04:35 PM
Prof. Dan Jiang Active implantable hearing aids: selection criteria, practical information and results
04:55 PM
Dr. Ahmed Al Dhafeeri Clinical profile and management of revised cochlear implant surgeries among 922 implants.
05:15 PM
End of 3rd Day Session